Our Supporters




From the first days of its existence, Gangjong Doeghar was kindly assisted by many wonderful people who inspired us, lent their support, shared knowledge and experience and provided funding.  Without you, it would be extremely difficult to create a dance and music group  which serves as an active centre for educating people and promoting Tibetan culture. Whenever there was an obstacle along the way, there always has been a friendly hand which helped us overcome the difficulties.  Please accept our humble thanks and gratitude for your staunch support.



Our heartfelt  thanks  go to Ven. Tenzin Legshed Wangdi, H.E III Dhardho Tulku who is the patron of our group. His spiritual support is the rock foundation for our humble efforts.






Mr Phuntsog Wangyal , the former Representative of His Holiness the Dalai Lama to London and a founding Trustee  and the Chairman of Tibet Foundation Londonhas been with us from the very beginning, as one of the "Founding Fathers" of the group.  He helped us to spread wings when he organized our first  tour of Great Britain and  Holland in 1995 and to develop our skills during our tours in subsequent years. His advice and material support are immensely appreciaed. For more information on Tibet Foundation UK, click here.


Speech delivered by Mr Phuntsog Wangyal on GD's 16th  Foundation Day, 2010



Mr. Namgyal Tsering, President of Australian Tibetan Society and Managing Director of Khusay Enterprises Pvt. Ltd., besides his personal support and assistance,  has many times organised Tibetan  community and friends of TIbet to host GD  performances, finance purchases of instruments and organise a variety of projects. His friendship and initiatives are a treasure for us all. For more information on Australian Tibetan Society click here.



Speech by Mr Namgyal Tsering at GD's 16th  Foundation Day, 2010



Mr. Jampal Kaldhen, Principal of the Indo-Tibetan Buddhist Cultural Institute (ITBCI) School  has been with us through thick and thin, sharing our everyday joys and worries, helping to solve trivial problems and major difficulties.  His indepth knowledge of Tibetan music, works on music theory  and innovations introduced to overcome some of the limitations of Tibetan musical instruments have confiserably influenced and improved our art.  Also, he has  patiently borne   the noise and racket made by subsequent generations of our youngest artists who are also his students,  during classes, rehearsals  and performances  - and this is no mean feat  which  deserves due recognition!






Further thanks are extended to 

Mr. Legden Wangdi Bhutia.  Rtd. Dy Commissioner,  RAW (Government of India ) and 

Mr. Nima Wangdi,  Rtd. Assistance Director of SIB MNA (Government of India )

whose experience in the ways of the world and involvement in our work, art, educational projects and practicalities of everyday life, not to mention their love of music and art, have supported and inspired us for many years.



Many, many more persons have supported us in various ways and it is impossible to mention them all. Our sincere gratitude  goes to  all of them.  And - last but not least - we thank you - our beloved audience -  for being with us, for enjoying our successes and not noticing our faults, for encouraging us, for clapping your hands, for stomping your feet, for  joining in the choruses - for an artist without audience would be just a sorry fellow, going through the motions and humming tunes to cheer up his lonely heart. 


To all of you, for all that you have done for us - a sincere TASHI DELEK! May the joy and feeling stay with you forever.