The Group

Gangjong Doeghar: The Group

Gangjong Doeghar is  an independent song and dance group made up of local Tibetan, Sherpa and Bhutia youths who enrolled themselves voluntarily to learn the art of Tibet's music and dance.

Initially, most of our  artists were either school or college students, but now, with the passage of time  there are more and more teachers among them. Others are  businessmen and freelancing artists.   We are proud and happy that in recent years the group of our  junior artists has grown considerably; there are many genuine talents among them and they are already performing even the most demanding and acrobatic dances and singing solo songs. At present, we have twenty-nine artists and forty-five students.


Our rehearsals and performances are a meeting place for representatives of all generations: our oldest member is past 60 years of age, and the youngest trainees  have just started  primary school. When we meet on weekends  to practice, it is really like a big family.

We have a Governing Body consisting of 15 members and advisory committee. Management of the group as well as artistic training and logistics are in able hands of Mr Dogha Madhatsang, President of GD and Chief Instructor in Music and Dance of ITBCI School.  He is supported by  Two Vice Presidents: Mr Dhundup D. Bhutia (Ex Vice Chairman, Kalimpong Municipality) and Mrs Dechen Sangmo (Senior Language Teacher of ITBCI School). Mr  Tsewang Palzor, Secretary of   Kalimpong Tibetan Opera Association and  Executive Member of Himalayan Buddhist Cultural Association Kalimpong is the Secretary of the Group. Mr Samdup Tsering, our Program Director  is in charge of the repertoire as well as multimedia, while   music instruction is the responsibility of Lhundhup Wangdhen. However, they often set aside their managerial, administrative and teaching roles to perform on stage as dancers and instrumentalists.

Our instructors are Mr Dogha la and his wife Mrs Dechen Sangmo.  They are helped by Ms Chungdhak and other leading artists of GD. In addition to that, we invite various artists from Tibet and other countries to benefit from their talents, experience, knowledge and skills.




Senior GD members


Male Artists

Mr Dogha Madhatsang          Kelsang Dorjee                       Yeshi Palzor

Tsewang Palzor                     Tenzin Namkha                       Thenlay Kaldhen

Samdup Tsering                    Tseten Dorji(A)                       Sonam Wangchuk

Lhundup Wangdhen               Tseten Dorji(B)                      Lhakpa Tashi

Lhundup Dradul                     Legsang Choidhar                 Tenzin Dhonyo

Sonam Gyatso                       Tashi Dhindu                          Tenzin Younten



Female Artists

Dechen Sangmo                    Urgen Tsomu

Chungdhak                            Chungdhak

Chemy Lhamu                       Tsering Dolma

Tenzin Lhamu                        Tenzin Tsomu

Kelsang Choden                    Tenzin Dickey

Rinchen Bhutia

                                                    Deolo, Kalimpong, August 2012

(updated July 2012)






Mission of Gangjong Doeghar


To preserve and promote  cultural, dancing and musical traditions of Tibet.

To provide young people with opportunities to develop and socialise through  achievement in music and dance.

To encourage and provide training and development opportunities for young  people interested in Tibetan music and dance.




Gangjong Doeghar Artists  About Themselves and the Group



Chemey Dolker -
"It’s been years since my association with  Gagjong Doeghar. So my motto is to keep our rich culture alive and I will still serve my association in future also".







Kesang Dorjee -
"Firstly, it is our foremost duty to preserve our culture which is in danger after Chinese invasion. Tibetans in Tibet do not get freedom of religion, culture and speech. Chinese government wants to erase the term Tibetan from Tibet, so we are the third generation of Tibetan in exile, it is up to us to preserve our identity, culture and religion.And I think GD is the best medium through which we can promote and preserve our culture".



Legsang Choidhar Madhatsang -

"Since Gangjong Doeghar has been running successfully and developing year by year for the past 17 years or so, it  is now the responsibility of younger generation like me to help and take GD to further success and keep the rich Tibetan culture alive" .






Pandhing Kelsang Choden -
"Wealthy is not who has it, but his who enjoys it and I consider my ancient music as my wealth which I received through GD".








Samdup Tsering -










Shelkar Tsetan Dorjee -
"Rich culture of Tibet can be preserved through hard work and dedication. So lets take GD the Tibetan Performing Arts (Kalimpong) to its peak".





Sonam Gyatso -

"Through art we would like to give message that we have rich culture and we are one. Free Tibet and proud to be a Tibetan".





Tashi Dhindu -
"Gangjong Doeghar has given a huge platform to a people like me. It has given an opportunity to many senior artists to stand up on their own feet and do much better in their future. So I am proud  to be in this association".





Kelsang Choden, Tenzin Lhamu, Chemey Dolker, Tshering Dolma and Tenzin Dickey. (Chandmari,Gangtok, Sikkim, 6th July, 2012)



Tashi Thakuri -











Tashi Tsering -










Tenzin Dickey -
"Being in exile we Tibetans must preserve our own culture which is very rich. I am proud be a member of GD and I will try my best to keep serving my society through arts".








Tenzin Lhamu -
"I got inspired when senior artists of GD used to perform on  stage. Now I am one of the senior members of this institute and got opportunity to learn many things from senior artists. These days I even help younger generation in dancing and singing in Tibetan".





Tenzin Tsomo -
"After joining GD I came to know many things about our culture. I enjoy being a member of GD and got many chances to perform  in front of huge audience. Even my parents enjoy a lot when they see me performing on the stage".


Thenlay Kaldhen Bhutia -










Tshering Dolma -
"My motto for GD and every Tibetan people is to keep the culture and tradition alive with dance".







Urgyen Tsomo -
"GD has helped the youths to know more about Tibetan music and arts. I feel very proud to be a member of this organization. Thanks to GD for everything".


Yeshi Palzor -
"Having been part of the GD I have come to understand the beauty of our rich culture. I also it made my family and community happy".





Cheme Dolma -
 St Joseph’s Convent, class three
"I love Gangjong Doeghar because its gives me lots of knowledge of dancing and singing. We are also learning Tibetan language. That’s why I joined Gangjong Doeghar and  I am very happy for being a part of this group".


Choenye Wangmo Bhutia -
Saptashri Gyanpeeth School, class seven
"When I was nine years old, I was interested in dancing and singing. Later I joined Gangjong Doeghar and got opportunity to learn Tibetan music and dance. And not only that: we are also learning our Tibetan language how to read and write".


Kesang Norgay -
St Augustine’s School, class five
"Since childhood I was very much interested in singing and dancing. Later I came to know that Gangjong Doeghar is teaching dance and song to all ages of children. So, I joined Gangjong Doeghar".


Kelsang Youden Bhutia -
Saptashri Gyanpeeth School, class seven
"Gangjong Doeghar is the place where we learn Tibetan dance, songs and instruments. I joined Gangjong Doeghar when I was nine years old, in  2009 and when I was in class four I got many lessons about our culture. I learnt how to play drayen nag yanji . I practice dance and music every Saturday and Sunday. We have a lot of fun in Gangjong Doeghar".



Junior Artists of GD with Tenzing Dolma in Chandmari,Gangtok, 6th July 2012


Kesang Wangmo -
St. Joseph’s Convent, class nine
"In this modern age everybody is so busy that they tend to forget their culture. Only studying can make one’s life banal like its said 'ALL WORK AND NO PLAY MAKES JACK A DULL BOY'. Hence, we the upcoming generations have joined Gangjong Doeghar so that we can learn our culture and preserve our heritage. Though being from an English School we have learnt a lot about our culture. All the credit goes to Miss Dechenla and Cho Tashi for their sincere dedication and altruism. It’s a privilege to be a small part of Gangjong Doeghar".


Lobsang Yeshi -
Saptashri Gyanpeeth School, class five
"My parents asked me to join Gangjong Doeghar because in this institution we get a chance to learn many things about our culture which we don’t know much. After joining, I learnt  to play Yangji and I got many chances to play it on the stage. People appreciated me  and told me to keep up my good work. So myself and even my parents are very happy".


Passang Lhamu -
Saptashri Gyanpeeth School, class nine
"I joined this institute at the age of 11. I learned many new things and gained a lot of  knowledge about music and dance. In Gangjong Doeghar I came to know many new friends from different schools".

Tenzing Bhuti  -          
Saptashri Gyanpeeth School, class six
"I joined Gangjong Doeghar because I wanted to learn more about Tibetan language dance song etc. We performed in many places. My parents are proud that I am at this institute. In Gangjong Doeghar I made many new friends. I am very happy to be a part of Gangjong Doeghar".


Tenzin Diki -
St Joseph’s Convent, class seven
"I joined Gangjong Doeghar in  2008 along with my elder sister. I gained much knowledge about dance and music after I became a member of Gangjong Doeghar. I really enjoy different kinds of songs and dance which are taught  by our teachers. My parents are very proud of me when I have the opportunity to perform in front of the audience. I would like to thank our director and our teachers who take so much trouble to teach us everything .They teach us in such a way that we learn and enjoy at the same time".


Tenzin Nyima Bhutia -
Saptashri Gyaneeth School, class eight
"At the age of 5, I started watching programs of Gangjong Doeghar and I used to enjoy watching them. It’s important to know our culture and tradition of our country Tibet".


Tenzin Tseyang -

Saptashri Gyaneeth School, class seven

"When I first stepped in Gangjong Doeghar I was bit nervous. But now I have performed several times on stage to many audiences and we all have always lived up to the expectations.They are many things to learn at Gangjong Doeghar.Musical instruments like Dra-Nyen, Piwang , Yangji and Flute are also taught by our teacher.  Gangjong Doeghar also teaches us how to read and write in Tibetan. As every students goes to school,   we come for practice only on Saturdays and Sundays and on other national holidays. So during our holidays we can come to practice wholeheartedly. I think we are carrying on the legacy of the Tibetans. So as the students of Gangjong Doeghar we should always remember that we are preserving the rich Tibetan culture".


 Tenzin Woeser -
St Augustine’s School, class four
"I joined Gangjong Doeghar because I want to know about our culture and for young children like me it’s important to know the language and script of our country".




Young, very young and very, very young GD artists at the  17th Day of GD show


Tsultrim Dorjee Lama -
St Augustine’s School, class four
"My aunt and sister told me that Gangjong Doeghar is teaching dance and song to all ages so I joined this institution. After joining it,  I have come to know about the different kind of dance forms of Tibetan. Most importantly I got to learn how to read and write in Tibetan".