Important Events in the History of Gangjong Doeghar, 1995-2010


When we look back at the past years, they are packed with hours of practice, costume making, rehearsals and study – sometimes full of frustration and sweat but often lit with wonderful camaraderie and sense of achievement. Then come performances – with initial moments of utmost concentration, stage fright and excitement, and then with the wonderful feeling when our team spirit carries us through the dances and songs. But all our efforts would be in vain without you – our warm-hearted audience who strengthen our intent with your thoughts and words, motivate us with your expectations and give us energy with your cheers. So please accept our deepest, heartfelt thanks for always being there - and stay with us in the future!




In the meantime, let us travel back in time to recollect memorable events from our – and yours – history and enjoy them once again.


October 17, 1995 -  Establishment of Ganjong Doeghar Association   under the Societies Registration Act XXVI of 1961, West Bengal, India.  Founding Days are organised every year  to commemorate each subsequent anniversary of the date.

  1995 - Tour of England, Scotland and Holland, arranged by Tibet Foundation London

  1996 - Tour of England, Ireland and Scotland, arranged by Tibet Foundation London

  1996 - Tour of England , Northern Ireland, Scotland and France, arranged by  Tibet Foundation London

  1998 - Darjeeling and other places in West Bengal, arranged by Darjeeling Tourism Dept., Dr. Graham's Homes

  1999 - Bodhgaya, Gangtok and Darjeeling, arranged by Mahayana Society, Tibetan Association Gangtok and Manjushree Centre Darjeeling



  2000 - Darjeeling Cultural Festival and Kalimpong Sub-Divisions, arranged by  Manjushree Centre Darjeeling

  2001 - Phuntsokling (Bhutan), Kathmandu (Nepal)  and Delhi, arranged by  India Embassy in Bhutan


Testimonials by Indian Embassy in Bhutan

"Gangjong Doeghar has kept up their tradition well and spread the message of brotherhood and friendship..."


  2002 - Phuntsokling (Bhutan), Delhi , Gangtok and local tours, arranged by Indian Embassy (Bhutan),   Tibet Foundation London and Tibet House New Delhi

  2003 - United Kingdom , Phuntsokling (Bhutan) and Kolkatta, arranged by Tibet Foundation London, India Embassy (Bhutan), Govt. of West Bengal Tourism Dept



GD in England, 2003


  2004 - Bhutan , Russia (Moscow), United Kingdom,  Shillong & Rumtek, India, arranged by  His Eminence Rabjam Rimpoche, Tibet House in Moscow, TYC Shillong, Rumtek Monastery

  2005 - Paro & Phuntsokling (Bhutan), Kathmandu & Pokhara (Nepal), Moscow (Russia), Sydney (Australia) & Jaigaon, Gangtok & Kolkata (India), arranged by Tibet House Moscow, His Eminence Rabjam Rimpoche, Australian Tibetan Society


Festival TIBET: Traditions, Art, Philosophy  staged  in  autumn 2004 in Moscow, Russia, was a great success. In 2005 it had its continuation. On July 2nd, 2005, Tibet House Moscow again organized a concert at International Performance Arts Center on Red Hills and invited us to participate side by side with famous artists from  Buddhist republics of Russia: Kalmykia, Buryatia and Tuva.  The concert took place in the jubilee year, when the whole world celebrated the  70th  birthday anniversary of the spiritual leader of Tibet His Holiness His Holiness 14th Dalai Lama.

"Gangjong Doeghar is a gorgeous company of Tibetan songs and dances performers [...] In  their repertoire is almost the whole range of spiritual and secular music of Tibet, here are the sacral dances of deities-animals, and ritual dances of the hunters; melodious and long folk songs and opera “Lhamo…"  (fragment of the Festival's page featuring Gangjong Doeghar)


"Dances of the Yaks: A Tibetan Evening" was organised by Friends of Tibet (India) at the Sujata Sadan, Calcutta, West Bengal on November 27, 2005.


Snow Lion Dance, folk dance and Ritual Buddhist dance were performed by Gangjong Doeghar  at the 30th anniversary of ATS (Australian Tibetan Society) in May 2005 Sydney, Australia


  2006 - Phuntsokling,  Haldia Uttsav (Kolkatta), Darjeeling, Gangtok, Coochbehar in India, arranged by  India Embassy (Bhutan), Govt. of West Bengal - Tourism Dept

  2007 - Phuntsokling, Haldia Uttsav (Kolkatta), Darjeeling ,Gangtok & Lachen, Cochbehar, Kala Ghoda Festival in Mumbai,  India Embassy (Bhutan), Govt. of West Bengal - Tourism Dept,  India Tibet Foundation of New Delhi


  2008 -

       January:  Lachung and Lachen, Tourist Festival, arranged by Sikkim Tourism Department

                      Kalimpong,Opening ceremony of Axis Bank, arranged by  Axis Bank Kalimpong  

                      Salugara (Siliguri), arranged by Himalayan Buddhist Cultural Association

                      Kalimpong Mela Ground, India's Republic Day, arranged by  SDO Kalimpong

       February: Mumbai, Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, arranged by India Tibet Foundation, N.Delhi

 Gangjong Doeghar at Kala Ghoda Festival, 2008

"Once again Tibet India Foundation is successful in participating Kala Ghoda   Festival of Arts in Mumbai Feb 02-09-2008 with Gangjong Doeghar from Kalimpong and two renowed artists Tenzin Dawa and Chokey of Sempa  who won over the hearts of Mumbaikars this year too". (By Tenjoey)

“These dancers and musicians never saw their motherland, but anyway with pride and professionalism they bring to the world the culture of the Snow Country”.
Hindustan Times



                           Orissa (Bhubaneshwar), Kalinga Festival, arranged by  India Tibet Foundation

        March:    Kolkatta, Festival of Sacred Art and Culture from the Land of Snow, arranged by 

                       Tibet House New Delhi & Indian Museum Kolkatta.        



2009 -

        January:  Mumbai, Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, arranged by  India Tibet Foundation

        March:    Lachen and Lachung Tour, arranged by Tourism Departments of Lachen and

                       Lachung, North Sikkim      

        July 6th:  Delhi Tour : the celebration of the 74th Birthday of His Holiness

                       the 14th Dalai Lama, arranged by Himalayan Buddhist Cultural Association,

                       New Delhi.


A nine member team  of GD presented Snow Lion dance, Tod Shey Dadul Nyien Kyiong and Domed Tserig to His Holiness the Dalai Lama, former Indian President Dr.A.B.J. Abdul kalam and many Union ministers, Chief Ministers and house full VIPs. It is the first time that the artists of Gangjong Doeghar presented cultural performances to His Holiness the Dalai Lama.


        October: Rinchen Pong Tour: During the tourist festival in Sikkim, arranged by Shakti

                      Tours and Travels

        November 6 - 10: Gangtok , Sikkim: Tibet Festival, arranged by various Tibetan

                     Associations in Sikkim

        December 1: Hong Kong Tour, arranged by Wencheng Gongzhu International Foundation

                     in Hong Kong & Potala Tours and Travels

On December 1st, 2009, Wencheng Gongzhu International Foundation, a non-profit charitable organization, was officially launched in Hong Kong with a spectacular dinner event attended by 500 of the most influential people of the region. Wencheng Gonzhu (625 – 680 C.E.) was a Chinese Princess who introduced Buddhism to Tibet and devoted her life to the well-being of the people of the region. The organization created in her name follows the teachings and vision of H.E. Shyalpa Rinpoche and seeks to help all to achieve fulfilling and meaningful lives using the teachings and practices of the Buddha.

The evening began with a Black Hat Dance led by Drubchen Rinpoche and two senior monks from Shyalpa Monastery in Nepal. This sacred tea offering ceremony is designed to clear obstacles and destroy all delusionary evil spirits. The emcee for the evening, a well-known Hong Kong television actor, then introduced H.E. Shyalpa Rinpoche, who lit butter lamps on the shrines on either side of the stage in front of huge Lord Buddha and Guru Padmasambhava thangkas. Professional Tibetan dancers from India then entertained the audience with a series of traditional Tibetan dances, including highly entertaining yak and snow lion dances. These dances featured an animated yak and snow lion dancing amongst the crowd and amazing all with their acrobatic and amusing antics.


        December: Performances in New Delhi International Centre, Delhi-Samye Ling

                     Tibet Camp - Majnukatila, Clement Town and Dickey-Ling, Jaipur, arranged by

                     Tibet House New Delhi and  Jaipur Tibetan Association


                      From 18 - 20 December, Gangjong Doeghar gave evening performances for participants in conference on "Contribution of Tibetan Culture to Global Understanding: Progress and Prospects" organised by Tibet House at the India International Centre (IIC). For more information on the conference, click here


2009 Winter Tour to Hongkong, Delhi, Jaipur in Rajasthan, Clement Town and Dickey Ling in Dehra Dun


On the occasion of conferring the Nobel Peace Award to His Holiness the Dalai Lama on 10th December 2009, we presented a cultural show to   Tibetan sweater sellers at Jaipur. The audience appreciated the performances and we were successful in aking the people, and  especially   the youth, awarene of their own culture to. The show was beyond the expectation of the audience. Jaipur tour was a grand success.

In Delhi, we presented two shows to the participants in the Contribution of Tibetan Culture to Global Understanding: Progress and Prospects at India International Centre organized by Tibet House, New Delhi.

On the first day (Dec. 18th) we presented a short skit  Millarepa Meets Hunter Gompo Dorjee and Black Hat dance.
The second day was devoted to  folk dances and music. Participants from 13 countries applauded and appreciated the shows.

On  December 20th, we presented a cultural programme at Majnukatila Tibetan camp. Though profits were low, we were able to make the people aware of what Gangjong Doeghar was and what   it  was doing to preserve and promote   traditional Tibetan art of dance and music.

On the 24th, we gave a show at Dhundup Ling,  Clement Town. We learnt from hearsay that the settlers had never expected such wonderful show of Tibetan  dance  and music.

On 25th, we gave a performance in Dickey Ling Tibetan settlement. We were very successful in making the audience  aware of our aims and objectives. They were particularly appreciated by disabled students of Nyongha School who liked the show and enjoyed  the programme very much.
For the majority of the audiences at all these places, it was the first opportunity to enjoy such a grand show of  of  traditional Tibetan performing arts.

In short, we are very satisfied that so many people had a chance to get in touch with their own culture; we think that we succeeded in contributing a little  towards the preservation and promotion of the art of Tibetan dance, song and music as per guidance of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.


2010 -

        April 24 - May 15: LachungTour:  International Rhododendron Festival 2010, arranged by

                         Sikkim Tourism Department

Lookin' proud in Lachung

        October:  Yangang in South Sikkim: Youth Adventure Festival 2010, arranged by Sikkim 

                        Tourism Department


Snow lions never fail to fascinate the viewers. (Youth Adventure Festival 2010)


        October: Rinchen Pong, Sikkim, annual Rinchen Pong Tourist Festival, arranged by

                       Rinchen Pong Tourism Club,

                       16th Founding Day of Gangjong Doeghar


It has become our tradition to celebrate anniversaries of founding Gangjong Doeghar by  performing for our audience.


        November: Participation in The Call of the Snow Lion, a documentary series shot by

                      Tibet Foundation London. GD artists performed in the part  shot in Kalimpong

                      and  were appreciated by  Director Mr. Phuntsog Wangyal.


Fragment of The Call of the Snow Lion series featuring GD artists


2010 Tours
May 2010 LachungTour: The Internation Rhododendron Festival 2010 was held at Lachung in North Sikkim from 24th April to 15th May 2010. Artists of Ganjong Doeghar were invited by the organisers and Sikkim Tourism Department to participate in the festival; we  presented  carefully directed, vivid and colourful programs on the occasion.

October 2010 Yangang Tour: Artists of Gangjong Doeghar were invited to the Youth Adventure Festival 2010 at Yangang in South Sikkim. We did our best to  contribute to the merry and picturesque character of the event and were happy to see that the audience  enjoyed our performance.

October 2010 Rinchen Pong Tour: We also particpatd in the annual Rinchen Pong Tourist Festival, at  the invitation  of the Rinchen Pong Tourism Club. Again, our dances and songs were appreciated by the audience, to our considerable satisfaction.

2010 brought also quite a new experience for us -  participation in The Call of the Snow Lion, a documentary series directed by Mr. Phuntsog Wangyal and produced by Tibet Foundation London.  It gave us a further opporunity to  present our mission to the viewers and - as you can see for yourself - we took the opportunity to present the richness, variety and beauty of  Tibetan culture, emphasising its heritage and depth.