Important Events 2011-

Important Events in the History of Gangjong Doeghar, 2011-

Gangjong Doeghar keeps growing and developing.  In recent years, we have been invited to numerous festivals and events all over India, presenting - among others - our trademark Singhi Dance, which seems to be  the favourte of audiences everywhere. Our annual Foundation Days became reviews of all our activities from performing traditional dances, through teaching children and young people, enjoying the artistic development of our friends and colleagues - ending with the search for new directions and forms of expression

   Tours 2011

    Popularity of Singhi Dance



      1st January , Jateshwar Music Festival, West Bengal, India, attended by more than 500 people including local ministers and VIPs. We were invited to perform the Snow Lion dance popularly known as Singhi dance.

January, Suri cultural festival, west Bengal, india. Once again invited for performing Singhi dance.

January, Bolpur, Kolkatta -  All India Lions Club conference.We were honoured to have been called  by the Kalimpong Lions Club for performing Singhi dance.


The snow lions rest for a brief moment, tired with their antics...


    30th April, Deolo, Kalimpong. We performed Singhi dance welcoming Railway Minister at an event organized by Railway Office. GD has proved that whatever occasion it may be, we  are bound to be called  for entertainment!


July -  The 76th birthday of HH the Dalai Lama

    On July 6th, Gangjong Doeghar was invited to perform traditional Tibetan  dances and music in Gangtok, the capital city of Sikkim. The event, commemorating the 76th birthday of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, was a  two days' celebration well organised by the Panchayat Association and  Regional Tibetan Youth Congress of of Gangtok. Our performances were heartily  applauded by the audience.  


GD performing to commemorate His Holiness the Dalai Lama's birthday

August  15th: Jaigaon. West Bengal, India's Independence Day celebration

October 17th: Salugara, Himalayan Buddhist Cultural Institute

GD in Salugara

October 29th - Gangjong Doeghar's 17th Foundation Day Celebration

   On 29th October 2011, Gangjong Doeghar celebrated its 17th Foundation Day. The day was blessed by the presence of H.E.  Jamgon Kongtrul Rinpoche.  Among our  important guests were Oam Namgyel Tsering (President of Australian Tibetan Society) and  Mr Dorjee la (Tibetan welfare officer, Kalimpong).

Honorable guests at the 17th Foundation DaySenior artists of GD  started the show with a song paying tribute to the martyrs of Tibet who immolated themselves to give light to the dark lives of Tibetan people in Tibet under the Chinese rule.






This year GD has been successful in training young kids more than ever and this has resulted in Junior artists of GD replacing  senior artists in many dance forms like the Yak dance, Gypsy dance etc. which are considered to be difficult dance forms. Many young talent has evolved this year like an 8 years' old girl performing a solo song or  young boys showing their acrobatic skills in Ralpa  (the dance of Gypsies).


Yak and Ralpa dances performed by junior GD artists



We have grown... and are happy about it  - snapshots from the anniversary event


December - Darjeeling Festival

20th and 29th  December -   Darjeeling Tea and Tourism Festival. We performed  Singhi and Yak dances. The boys did the hard work of dancing  on the streets of Darjeeling with the masks and   costumes on, to keep the spirit of the festival alive. People on the streets cheered for the dancers and some even followed them till the end.


Here we go...Just feel the mood of the merry street parade 






2012 -

        March 16th:  Delhi, Ceremony of Bodhi Awakening

The Ceremony is dedicated towards the long life of H.H. the Dalai Lama – the Champion of Compassion and Wisdom – and the swift accomplishment of his noble wishes. Our contribution: GD artists at India International Centre Auditorium

        March 17th: McLeodeganj, Dharamsala: 17th  Tibetan Opera  Festival (Shoton)

Tibetan Opera is very popular in Tibet, especially in Shannan, Shigatse, Lhasa, and Chamdo, and also widespread in Sichuan, Gansu, Qinghai and Yunnan Provinces. Tibetan Opera is a combination of songs, dances, chants and drama, with most of its repertoire deriving from Buddhist teachings and Tibetan history. The Festival is intended to continue the great operatic traditions of Tibetan people.


     April 2012:  Show at  Mani Lhakhang:

A group of Australians from Australian  Himalayan Foundation led by Mr. Namgyal Tsering, President, Australian  Tibetan Society visited Kalimpong on 16th April 2012.  Australian  Himalayan Foundation is helping Gangjong Doeghar since 2009 through Mr. Namgyal Tsering. Mr. Dogha, the Director and Mr. Tsewang Paljor, General Secretary welcomed the visitors by offering them traditional white scarves. On the occasion of their visit, Gangjong Doeghar presented 2 hours long traditional Tibetan dances and music to the visitors and local Tibetans in Tibetan Community Hall in the ground floor of Mani Lhakhang. The cultural program included  traditional dances and music from three provinces of Tibet, contemporary Tibetan dances, snow lion dance and a nomadic scene with Yak and Dri (female yak). The program was enjoyed and appreciated by all and one.


April 12: Shelkar Tsetan Dorjee, Tashi Thakuri, Legsang Choidhar and ...


      May 2012:  Snow Lion Dance At 97 Mounted Military Campus at Durbhin
At  the invitation from the  97 Mountain Military HG Durpin, a  group of nine Gangjong Doeghar  artists led by Program Director Mr. Samdup Tsering,   presented the snow lion dance to the visiting army general and other military officials. On many occasion, Gangjong
Doeghar was invited there to perform the  snow lion dance The show was liked by all those present and it was particularly appreciated by the General.




     July 6 and 7: Celebration of the  77th Birthday of His Holiness the Dalai Lama at Gangtok, Sikkim:
At the invitation extended by the 77th Birthday Celebration Committee of Tibetan Communities in  Gangtok, Sikkim,  33 members of Gangjong Doeghar led by General Secretary Mr. Tsewang Paljor, left for Gangtok on 5th July 2012, to participate in the two days celebration of the 77th birthday of His Holiness the Dalai Lama on 6th and 7th July 2012. The venue of the celebration was Sera Monastery at Cham-mari, Gangtok.
The accommodation of the artists was arranged at the Denzon Inn. Three main groups of performers included   Gangjong Doeghar from Kalimpong, Military Band from Ravang la and students from Thumi Sambhota school at Gangtok. Local Tibetan Welfare Associations also participated in the cultural programs.
On 6th July 2012, the celebration began with Sangsol. The official program began at 10 a.m. with enthronement of the portrait of H.H. the Dalai Lama. The Guest of Honour of the day was the Speaker of Sikkim State Assembly. Many state ministers also attended the celebration. The venue was jam packed by guests and audiences.

Gangjong Doeghar in Cham-mari, Gangtok

After  formal, traditional religious ceremony and speeches, each group presented  two dances. Gangjong Doeghar presented traditional Kham She Aikor Lemo and a contemporary Amdo dance Nang la Chung Se Yo which was very well received and   and cheered by the whole audience. After lunch,  Gangjong Doeghar presented 6 items  with the other cultural groups. The celebration continued till 10 p.m.
Next day,  the performance began at 9 am. Gangjong Doeghar presented 12 traditional and contemporary Tibetan dances including snow lion dance and yak dance,  with other cultural groups. At the end of the celebration,  artists and members of the three
cultural groups were honoured by the Settlement Officer of  Gangtok, the Celebration Committee and 22 local Tibetan Associations by offering scarves.  Members of Gangjong Doeghar left for Kalimpong on 8th July 2012 after  breakfast. They were seen off by all the members of the Celebration Committee. It was a memorable occasion which we will never forget.  Gangjong Doeghar also participated in the celebrations of  the 76th birthday of His Holiness the Dalai Lama at Gangtok. Gangjong Doeghar is always thankful to the  members of  His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s Birthday Celebration Committee, Gangtok.
In Kalimpong, the sub-Junior artists of Gangjong Doeghar participated in the celebrations of the 77th birthday of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and performed songs and dances.